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As part of our mission, we seek to create full access concert experiences for those suffering from hearing loss and deafness. While traditional means might include using ASL interpreters or preferential seating by the speakers, we aim to explore the ways that music is not just heard, but felt and seen as well.  One of the ways we do this is through our Subpac programSubpac Tactile Bass Systems wirelessly connect to our PA system and transfer low frequencies directly to the body and provide our audiences with a new physical dimension to the music experience, allowing them to feel the power of sound in a way they they never have before.

We offer these as an ADA accommodation for those suffering from hearing loss, which consists of nearly 37.5 million adults in the US. We aim to see this service provided at venues far and wide, much in the same way wheelchair access is provided for the roughly 1.7 million people in the US in a wheelchair.

Your support of 5 Points Music Foundation through our partnership with Leisure Media and The Roanoker Magazine will go towards expanding this program so that we can introduce other venues, concert halls, and festivals access to the Subpac program, while serving as a broader platform for promoting Sound Friendly Venue concepts. We have already formed agreements with other venues like the Harvester Performance Center to provide Subpacs for some of their events and we are working to establish more similar partnerships.

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, your tax deductible contribution will allow us to continue our mission to pursue, celebrate, and embrace the power of sound in all its glory. Additional funding goes to support our music therapy program, which offers free music therapy to children ages 3-8 in both group and individual settings. We have so much more to come and are so grateful for the support of our broader community. Thank you for making our mission attainable.


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