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Custom Posters On Sale

We are taking advantage of time away from booking and promoting shows to up our website game. All of our available custom posters are now online and easy to order. We have rare screen prints and many posters on sale for just 5 bucks! Check out a few of them below and then click the posters to head over to our Shop.


Machine Funk – Trippy!

Machine Funk 12.08.19 by Matt Browning of Catfish Navigation Co.

Lots of symbolism in the late October poster below by Matt Browning. Can you find all of the Grateful Dead Easter Eggs?

Dead Reckoning 10.26.19 by Matt Browning of Catfish Navigation Co.

The Floorboards with The Concerns – Tangy!

A slice of citrus fruit graphically pops off a background of citrus slices in teal and orange.
The Floorboards w. The Concerns 09.06.19 by Matt Browning of Catfish Navigation Co.


This 2017 Dead Reckoning Poster is the only Screen Print created for our Poster Series.

Dead Reckoning 10.28.17 designed and screen printed
by William Mitchell of William Mitchell Studio

A Personal Favorite – Stanley Jordan with Taz – Stellar!

Stanley Jordan w. Taz Niederauer 12.15.17 designed by Brian Cheek of Super Heady Prints.
Posters for sale are NOT signed by the artists.

Buckethead’s 1st Sanctuary Show – Surreal!

Buckethead's chicken bucket hat turns into an old fashioned well, pouring it's bucket into a Cinco de Mayo cocktail.
Buckethead 05.05.18 designed by Brian Cheek of Super Heady Prints

and now…Today’s Couch Trip

Stare at the center of this image for 20 seconds and then look at something in the room.

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