1. It was Bootsy Collins who christened him “FREEKBASS”

Freekbass (born Chris Sherman) was introduced to Gary “Mudbone” Cooper while playing bass for a band called SHAG. Mudbone asked Freekbass and fellow SHAG guitarist, Chris Donnelly, to play on a compilation Jimi Hendrix tribute album. The recording session was to take place at Bootzilla Rehab Studios, recording den of none other than Boosty Collins. Freekbass and his guitarist, both named “Chris”, were immediately dubbed “Chris Bass” and “Chris Guitar” by Bootsy, in order to not get them confused. But it was when “Chris Bass” laid down his bass tracks that Bootsy called out: “Play that Freaky Bass, Baba!” Bootsy has called him Freekbass from that moment on. It was the beginning of an inspirational and enduring friendship that continues today.

“Freekbass is the new spiritual warrior for the Funk”, Bootsy says. “I’m not a big fan of playing with myself, although I have been accused of doing so in the past (smile)… this is the feeling I get when touchin’ bass with Freekbass.”

2. He is the low end for supergroup Headtronics

Thursday will be Freekbass‘ 3rd time playing the Sanctuary this year! You may have caught him playing the Night Rider’s Ball back in May teaming up with DJ Logic, Steve Molitz of Particle, and Richard Fortus of Guns N Roses in their powerhouse collaboration Headtronics. Freekbass loved the Sanctuary and what 5 Points Music Foundation was all about so he came back in July with his own band The Bump Assembly and a new album, “All The Way This, All The Way That”. It was at this show that Freek melted faces with a legendary Mezzanine solo that has set the bar for incredible 5 Points Music Sanctuary moments.

Check out that brand spankin’ new Pink Panther bass

“Bootsy Collins protégé Freekbass delivers a full-frontal funk experience loaded with more fuzzed-out snapping, slapping, and popping than a kettle full of Rice Krispies.”

Jimmy Leslie, Bass Player Magazine

3. He writes articles for Bass Musician Magazine

Freekbass writes monthly for Bass Musician Magazine with “Bass 2 Bass with Freekbass” where he interviews fellow low end legends. His feature debuted almost a year ago with a piece on Phish phenom Mike Gordon. He also lays down a Spotify Playlist or two.

“As a fellow bass player, I plan to ask questions that interest me from a FreekPerspective and bring each guest on a-bit-of-a Funky journey of their bassMind”

I know, right?

4. He has his own weekly radio show

Funk Radio with Freekbass is a weekly radio show on RadioArtifact.com on Friday nights from 6-8p. Of course, the show is focused on all things Funky. He also does live DJ Radio sets at various locations.

5. He also has a Podcast!

The Backstage Supercast is a deep dive into the Marvel and DC Universes. When funk music icon Freekbass and music writer/videographer Rex-A-Vision get together there’s only one thing on their minds…comic books and comic book movies! Dude, where do you find the time??


Come one! Come All! To the freekiest Halloween Freekshow of them all! THURSDAY, October 31st the funky circus comes to town with THRILLS! CHILLS! and BUMPIN’ BASS FILLS as FREEKBASS and his band of human curiosities, THE BUMP ASSEMBLY, take center stage! Witness oddities, terrifying impossibilities, and incredible feats of funk. The Sanctuary will be transformed into a Carnival featuring Fire Dancers, Face Painting, Fortune Telling, and a special mezzanine showing of “Freaks”. Freekbass’ performance will be highlighted by an old school Liquid Light Show from the same folks who illuminate Jerry Garcia’s Forest at Lockn’ Festival. Be sure to get in on the act for our Freekshow Costume Contest where the winner will take home a 6-Show Power Pass! And now folks, if you’ll just step this way, you are about to witness the most amazing, the most astounding, living monstrosity of all time…

BONUS: The video below has nothing to do with Freekbass, but check out this whack cover of Monster Mash from Bootsy & Buckethead.

Happy Halloween Trick or Treaters!