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Starline Performance Series’ Final Performance at 5 Points Music Sanctuary!

This year, we are joining up with RIDE Solutions and Valley Metro to host an end of series concert featuring the Starline performers. The performers have been amazing this year! If you missed them on the trolley, you will have one last chance to catch some of their great music… March 31st, 2017 at the5 Points Music Sanctuary, located …

Our Story

Started in 2017, our mission is to pursue the power of sound in all its glory through programs that focus on hearing loss awareness, music therapy, and scholarships and education for those with hearing loss.

Located in Roanoke, VA, 5 Points Music Foundation features the Sanctuary Performance Hall, a 291 capacity performance hall, and over 2,000 sq/ft of co-working space dedicated to multiple music teaching studios, creative suites, and a community rehearsal stage. Made up of Teaching Members, Community Members, and Band Members, 5 Points fosters a spirit of collaboration and community between artists, attendees, and the broader community.

As a 501c3, non-profit organization, our funding is supported by our live events, special programming, venue rentals and our donors and sponsors.


5 Points Music Therapy Program

As part of our mission, we have partnered with Anderson Music Therapy  to offer free group music therapy sessions for various age groups and patients and others who may benefit from music therapy.  Registrations for our first age groups in April.

Groups are loosely structured and offer participants the chance to explore the benefits of music therapy through various techniques. While some may find individualized sessions helpful, we hope to introduce participants to strategies that have been shown improve mood, coping strategies, and pain management. (http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10865-004-0006-9)

Some example activities might include:

    • Active Listening: relaxation through imagery or progressive muscle relaxation, lyrics analysis
    • Active Engagement: Instrumental improvisation, song selection and singing, song writing.

The purpose of these sessions is to:

  • Decrease anxiety, pain, fatigue
  • Improve mood and coping strategies
  • Improve quality of life

The first sessions will begin in April and May 2017.  To learn more about this program, contact us at info@5pointsmusic.com

Music Lesson Scholarships For Those With Hearing Loss

Proceeds from events and funding is provided to offer music lesson scholarships for those with hearing loss. To find out how you can support this program or how you can apply, contact us at info@5pointsmusic.com

Earplug Give Aways

5 Points Music will provide hi-fi earplugs to artist, stage workers, and others that may be at risk for hearing loss to protect their ears, while advocating for smart, practical solutions to minimizing the damage that can come from being so close to sources of amplified sound.  This program is slated to begin in Summer 2017.